What Does This Winged Pig Have to Do With Manifesting Love?

This is Fred.

I keep Fred on the desk in my office, but I wanted a good photo, so this morning I took him to the kitchen for this closeup.

The reason I have Fred is simple.

Fred is a unique way I remind myself to have faith.

Because usually, the people who come to me to fix their relationships feel like their situations are hopeless.

And/or at the core down deep somewhere in the “buried crap from childhood” part of their mind– they suspect they might just be unloveable and hopeless too.

The truth I’m reminded of all the time is that many… if not MOST situations… are not hopeless at all.

Unless the person in front of me won’t allow themselves to truly believe in the reality that they want.

Today I’m reminded that faith is not an airy-fairy concept that we should lean on when we’re not sure what else to think or say.

“Just have faith” should not be a throw-away concept or one with so many religious attachments that it’s diluted and meaningless.

Faith in your manifestation– whether that’s love, seeing America’s first female vice president get elected or seeing more blue feathers– is not just a “set it and forget it” idea.

It’s not “oh just have faith” and you’re all done.

It takes courage to persist.

It takes tenacity to keep trying.

Faith is required to get your heart broken and allow love again– whether that’s with someone new or going on a new journey with someone familiar.

So today, if you’re thinking about someone– maybe a real someone who just isn’t behaving the way you wish they would or the idea of someone who you want to come along– I want you to know that I’ve been there.

Hope and desire are really hard by themselves.

Faith is the glue that brings it all together.

So if you’re holding onto hope that “it” will happen (whatever it is for you), I’m proud of you. I see you.

The return on your manifestation will come. But only if you have the courage to hope, the willingness to overcome obstacles and the faith to keep going.

Talk soon,


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