4 Things To Stop Doing Now If You Want Any Chance Of Saving Your Relationship

I’ll show you step-by-step exactly what to do and say to create the amazing relationship you want-- especially when your situation seems hopeless.

Elizabeth Stone

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If you’re going through a problem in your relationship that you can’t seem to solve… I can help.

Right now, let’s talk about what you can stop doing NOW that will make a difference for your situation.

There are 4 main things people try when they’re having major relationship problems.

1. Promising things will be different and twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to fix whatever your loved one says is the issue.

Ever said (or thought) things like:

“Remember how good things used to be?”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work.”

“I’ll never throw my socks on the bed (insert complaint here) again.”

This just makes you seem like a weak, gutless pushover.

2. Showing how much you're hurting and telling them how much you still love them.

“I love you.”

“I can’t live without you.”

“You’re the only one for me.”

This just adds clingy and unhinged to weak and gutless.

3. Arguing about the breakup and trying to reason with them.

“You’re wrong to want to break up.”

“I know we could work this out.”

“We should at least try because the kids will be heartbroken if we don’t.”

This just makes you seem like you don’t care about their feelings. And still… clingy, weak, gutless.

4. Getting negative and pessimistic about your chances of fixing the relationship.

“Nothing I ever do is good enough for you.”

“If you’re just going to leave me anyway, then you’re trash.”

“My ex is stubborn. They’ll never change their mind.”

The mindset behind, “you are trash because your feelings for me have changed” has literally caused people to snap and kill each other.

I’m not being over dramatic by saying that. Please don’t do that to yourself.

This kind of pessimism eats people alive from the inside out. I see it all the time in new coaching clients who feel skeptical about their own power.

After all, being rejected doesn’t help people feel desired and confident. I don’t blame you if you’re feeling negative right now. I used to feel the same way.

Interestingly enough, that same pessimism is what makes previously attractive people (who could actually turn things completely around) give up completely and ride the bitter bus off into the sunset.

Then they go out, find a new lover who rejects them and they repeat the whole cycle all over again.

…And wonder why they’re still miserable and lonely…

These 4 damaging things will push your loved one completely out the door if they aren’t gone already.

If you’re at a crossroads in your relationship, negotiating with words or even trying a bunch of good deeds is pointless and probably even damaging right now.

None of these things work to make someone fall back in love with you.


They don’t work for anyone. Ever.

Because they’re all based on false beliefs about how relationships work that aren’t reality.

The scary truth is that almost nothing our gut instincts tell us to do when we’re having serious relationship problems is a good idea.

But if you’ve tried all of the above, I don’t blame you.

Most people have no idea what to do when someone they love starts slipping away.

Effective relationship repair is definitely not taught in school.

And, without lots of training, the OPPOSITE of what works usually seems like the most reasonable, logical thing to do right now.

Except it fails miserably and drives your loved one even further away.

Not only that, but with tons of people out in society rambling on and on about “being authentic with your feelings” and “all you need to do is communicate”– no wonder you’re confused and extremely likely to make everything so much worse.

The fact is, you don’t have the luxury of making more mistakes with your loved one right now– because all those mistakes are what got you here in the first place.

Consider this:

You’re two people in the same body.

One version of you could be feeling heartbroken.

The other version of you is the happy person you were when you fell in love.

Those 2 people act VERY differently when they let their feelings tell them what to do.

But they’re both you. They’re just 2 sides of the same coin.

If you let your unhappy, pessimistic feelings tell you what to do, how is that “better” or more virtuous than following the happy version of yourself who can do so much better?

…and make them fall back in love with you in the process…

Oddly, what actually works when it comes to saving your relationship could seem so simple that you might not want to do it.

At least not until you truly understand how and WHY people destroy good relationships.

…And the part you’re playing in this whole mess….

I know because I’ve both been there myself and helped other people fix and save their own relationships for years.

In fact, you wouldn’t be here, reading this if you weren’t wondering where to turn and who to trust.

I remember the swirling mess of thoughts after my ex husband told me he wanted a divorce.

Thoughts like:

None of these negative repeating thoughts ever got me any closer to being more loveable.

In fact, if I hadn’t gotten help, I’m pretty sure I’d still be lonely, bitter and resentful over 5 years later– still wondering what I could have done to save our marriage.

Before I go any further about how I can help you, I want to be 100% transparent here: my ex husband and I never got back together.

I’m not going to live my life pretending that we’re not BOTH better off the way things are now.

I fell in love with someone else a few months after my divorce who I would have never even met if I hadn’t gotten help with trying to save my marriage.

Today my ex husband and I have a caring friendship we wouldn’t have had otherwise. In fact, he called me simply to chat while I’ve been writing this message to you.

None of this would have been possible without what I will share with you during 1:1 coaching.

Here’s what people say about coaching with me

"My ex and I have been back together since September 9th and it's been amazing so far. She is so worried about losing me and admitted to making a huge mistake. She missed me and realized how great we are together. Thank you so much for responding to me every time I started to doubt things. We are very happy to be back together :)"
Toledo, O.H.
"So yeah, it's already starting to work, he did baby dishes, made dinner and did dinner dishes without me asking or saying anything.

If you ever doubt yourself, know that you do indeed know your shit and no exaggeration, you are legit saving my marriage."
Oceanside, C.A.
“While every relationship is different, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of just about any given situation. It really is amazing. You are good at it.”
Lake Ozark, MO

So what helped me break this downward spiral once and for all?

Getting real help from someone who knew how people actually work.

Not that pop culture “follow your feelings off a cliff” (and ruin your life in the process) crap, but real talk from a 92 year old counselor who had seen it all.

You see, at heart I’m a do-it-yourselfer with a stubborn streak.

And that wasn’t making me be happy OR helping me have a good relationship.

But I was so convinced I was right about what to say and do that I ignored the reality which was:

I was making it impossible to create a happy relationship because of the way I was THINKING.

My ex didn’t need to change like I hoped he would.

There wasn’t anyone to change except myself. Suddenly, the people in my life all magically changed too.

What I learned truly changed things for me once and for all. Those step-by-step strategies are what I share with people now.

Elizabeth Stone

I'm Elizabeth Stone

I specialize in helping people save their relationships, overcome their love blocks and manifest love.

And, I want to save EVERYONE from the deep heartbreak I’ve experienced. So I’ve made it my mission to help women detangle their relationships and get to the bottom of their love lives so they have OPTIONS.

I’ll give you strategy, guidance and how to handle your situation with your loved one right now.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Isn't it time for clarity?

Trying to figure out what the heck to do so you can get your relationship back on track can feel like a full-time job.

Most people only have a short window before their chance with their loved one is over forever.

…Or… they do something else that breaks the situation down completely.

…Or… your loved one finds someone else (if they haven’t already).

Do you really want to look back and wonder if you truly tried everything?

I don’t want you to go through that.

For a limited time, I have a few 1:1 relationship repair coaching spots available.

We’ll go through your situation, sort out your next steps and put together a serious, real PLAN based on exactly what works to save your relationship.

Next, we’ll meet weekly for the next 5 weeks to help you follow the plan and deal with any new developments that come up with your loved one.

Why not give yourself the best chance at saving this?

I can help you. But you have to take the first step.

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Saving a relationship is something that keeps people up at night.

After talking to hundreds of people about their breakups, I’ve found that people make decisions differently for saving their relationships than they do for other types of coaching.

It’s easy for me to simply put up my waitlist page once I fill up.

And, since we can order everything from a home spa to a pizza with a few clicks nowadays, I wanted this to be as easy for you as possible.

Speed wins, especially when your loved one has new lovers, divorce attorneys and movers also available with a few clicks.

You’ll be well taken care of once you sign up.

I am open to coaching women and men who are interested in creating their dream relationships.

The clients who benefit most from my work are self-starters who are willing to follow my influence and guidance.

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Otherwise, I will provide further guidance if more is required.

Since 1:1 coaching involves a non-renewable resource– time– all 1:1 coaching packages are non refundable.

“Without you, we wouldn't even be together. He better thank his lucky stars that we have you.”
Osage beach, MO

Elizabeth Stone has been featured in:

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