Magnetize Love in Under 11 Minutes A Day With This Simple Meditation

Are a few minutes of your day worth attracting love?

“Everyone find a comfortable place on the ground, lay back and close your eyes.”

I thought my psychology 101 teacher had lost her mind.

It was an ordinary Tuesday morning in my first college class ever.

I scanned the room skeptically.

The other students seemed unfazed by these odd instructions. They simply pushed their desks aside and laid down on the ground.

I had no idea that what I would learn from those 20 minutes lying on her classroom floor would stick with me for over two decades.

That’s what I have to share with you today…

A few years ago I felt pretty miserable about the absolute chaos my love life had become.

And, I’m someone who throws everything at a problem. I’m willing to try anything that might help, which has led me to tons of unusual and interesting places.

After that time on the floor, one of the first online products I ever bought was a package of meditations for weight loss.

Shortly after that, I lost 80 lbs without the same kind of struggle I had gone through for years when it came to my weight. It wasn’t completely effortless (nothing worthwhile ever is), but it was SO MUCH easier than before.

My psych 101 teacher had planted the original seed, even though I was skeptical at first.

You see, I’m also kind of lazy. I like things to be set up on autopilot. 

Maybe you’re also the kind of person who will take massive action now, so you don’t have to grind it out later.

After everything is on autopilot, you get to quit worrying because everything works smoothly– like clockwork– in the background.

Like the time I read every financial book in the local library to understand money.

Or when I first became a coach and studied, discussed and read everything I could get my hands on about relationships.

I’m thorough. I can’t help it.

So, anything that helps me make positive changes without very much effort tends to stick with me.

And, when I want to crack a bad habit or magnetize a whole new reality, I go back to simple things that work…

Imagine how it would feel to...

Magnetize Love

Feel Loved and Secure Any Time You Choose

Release Past Hurts


…. Or doing anything except sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to an audio recording for 10 minutes and 39 seconds a day.

Guided meditation is one secret weapon that has made it so much easier for me to do all of that. That’s why I’ve always loved it.

Everything you want to feel is already inside of you.

The problem is that accessing those positive feelings consistently is difficult. Sometimes we fall for the lie that we need other people to help us feel good.

And, accessing those positive, loving feelings about yourself and others is one MAJOR way that people are attracted to you.

At the risk of sounding like a hippy, it’s all in your vibe.

And meditation helps your vibe in a way nothing else does.

But not when it’s boring, or done badly or just not goal oriented. Meditating by yourself can feel good but it doesn’t always do much on it’s own.

That’s where guided meditation comes in.

But when it comes to guided meditations about love, relationships, commitment and dating, I noticed a big problem.

When it came to meditations for love, I scoured the internet looking for exactly the magic I wanted infused into my own psyche.

Over and over again, I came up short.

Most of the guided meditations about love are NOT good.

Most were too long or painful to listen to. Some made me feel worse than I had before. Some had terrible audio quality.

Others made me feel needy and desperate– which is the OPPOSITE of how you should feel after meditating on attracting love.

Exactly zero had the magic I knew was possible– just like those weight loss meditations I found at 19.

Until now.

You see, I’m all about precision. I usually want things “just so.” Some might even say I’m controlling.

You know what? Precision is a good thing when it comes to what I choose to believe and go about my whole day thinking about.

We SHOULD be controlling and protective when it comes to programming our subconscious.

That’s why, after combing the internet and trying tons of other people’s magic love meditations, I remembered something that psych 101 teacher said (after our floor time was over):

“If you don’t like what’s out there, make your own.”

That’s how I became inspired to create my own love meditation that makes it quicker and easier for me and my clients to magnetize love, along with the other strategies I teach.

Until now, I’ve never offered any of my meditations for sale separately. But because reprogramming my subconscious for love this way has been so effective, I wanted to make sure that you get the chance to try it out for yourself.

And, if you’ve ever listened to the sound of your own voice and cringed, that is what I had to get over to personally edit this and share it with you today…


In just 10 minutes and 39 seconds a day,
reprogram your subconscious to attract love.

Listen. This meditation is so strangely effective that I have no idea how it works.

I suspect it has something to do with the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain which makes sure we pay attention to what really matters to us.

But that has never really explained it all the way, because magnetizing love isn’t like manifesting a new car or having other definite GOALS. 

You know when that car rolls into your life.

Love is a little more fuzzy.

Magnetizing love is a little like magnetizing air and water when you understand it better.

But this is crazy and it works. You’re going to want to get it now if you want to magnetize more love into your life.

Here’s my super-simple instructions for using this love mediation to your advantage:

Why not try it out for yourself?

Love Magnet Meditation


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“I have found The One and I am forever grateful for all your help. It has been a journey for sure. So, once again, I want to say thank you. I’ve grown so much in my work with you.”

Jenn, San Diego, CA

“Used your advice– now I have a date! You’re really good at this. Like, it’s scary how good you are at this.”

Addison, Austin, TX

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Hey there, I'm Elizabeth.

And I’m here to help YOU manifest the love, devotion and commitment you’ve always wanted.

I’ve been down the road of feeling rejected, uncomfortable, unsafe and untrusting of men.

I understand exactly what it feels like to know that your love life right now is just NOT what you imagined it would be like when you were a little girl and hoped prince charming would finally come.

Frequently Asked questions

Anyone who wants to attract and magnetize more love.

You may be coupled up or single– in either situation, you can expect big changes.

No. The Love Magnet Meditation focuses on attracting the energy of love as a whole.

Since the goal of this meditation is to magnetize the energy of love, it doesn’t focus on any particular person, gender or sexual orientation. That means that it’s right for your particular situation as long as you want to magnetize love.

The more disciplined you are with guided meditation, the better you will feel and faster it will work.

When guided meditation focuses on a specific topic like this one does, you’re giving myself the best chance at bringing your desired new reality into your life.

The Love Magnet Meditation audio is 10 minutes and 39 seconds.

After you either download The Love Magnet Meditation audio file onto your device or push play inside the member’s area, it will begin to play. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to the recording.

You’ll get the best results from doing this once a day.

This depends on you. Most people see the best results with repeat listening. For example, I usually do some type of guided meditation once a day.

Included is lifetime access to The Love Magnet Meditation audio recorded, edited and produced by me, Elizabeth Stone.

I’ve combined years of experience with guided meditation, manifesting love and breaking through my client’s love blocks to produce this unique work.

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The audio file is delivered digitally, 24/7, since I believe in keeping things streamlined and eco friendly.

When you order now, you gain lifetime access to The Love Magnet Meditation audio file.

You have my full 7 day money back guarantee to listen to The Love Magnet Meditation and decide for yourself.

If you decide this isn’t for you, simply email support and we’ll send your refund.

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Love Magnet Meditation


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