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7 Blocks to Manifesting Love

Find out the 7 sneaky blocks keeping you from manifesting an amazing, happy, connected relationship and exactly what you can do about them, starting immediately. Even if you’re single or “it’s complicated.”

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This Mindset Drives Away Everything You want

If you’re afraid you’re never going to manifest love, here’s why you might be driving it away instead. Find out how to get love flowing now.

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The Magic Mindset That Manifests

Have you ever said “I knew this would happen?”

If you have, you’re pretty close to the magic mindset for manifesting. Find out what I mean.

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Why Putting Yourself First is NOT A Luxury, It’s Essential

Each morning I sit alone in a large red armchair with a side table, situated all by itself in the hallway. When it’s warmer I sit outside at a table in the backyard. Franklin the penguin sculpture stands guard nearby. The reason …

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Feeling Like Crap In Your Relationship? You’re Talking Sh*t About Yourself (Yes, You)

If you’re feeling bad in your relationship, the reason probably isn’t what you think. Find out how changing your mindset can cause immediate changes in your 3D world.

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How To Block Your MANifestations By Not Trusting Masculine Energy

Find out why not receiving well will block your manifestations and ruin your relationship with a man. Discover how to turn things around quickly.

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What Does This Winged Pig Have to Do With Manifesting Love?

This is Fred. I keep Fred on the desk in my office, but I wanted a good photo, so this morning I took him to the kitchen for this closeup. The reason I have Fred is simple. Fred is a unique way …

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Sick of Dealing With Hot And Cold Men? I Was Too…

If you’re tired of dealing with hot and cold men who compete with you and refuse to commit, I was too. It can be fixed. Find out how right now.

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An Easy Mindset Hack To Attract Love

Want to attract love faster, sooner and easier? Use my love meditation to start magnetizing the love you want.

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“I Hate/Love You… Please Don’t Leave Me” How To Alchemize Rage

Ever wanted to make someone pay for the way they’ve treated you? For the neglect or the misunderstandings or the not recognizing your value? Or for the divorce or the other woman or the 2am text messages after weeks of radio silence? …

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The Priceless Worthless Value Of Feminine Energy

For the longest time I felt worthless. (This is a peppy start, I know… but stick with me here) And… the perception of worthlessness– as it so happens– spreads. You see, when YOU feel worthless, that denial of value automatically transfers to …

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