Hi... I'm Elizabeth Stone.

I’m the founder of Attract The One and Luxe Self, creator of Manifest True Love and author of “Why Men Lose Interest: How To Be The One Who Gets Him.”

I’ve been fascinated with men my entire life.

My work has reached over a million people, helping them attract love and create the amazing, connected relationships of their dreams.

This happened quite by accident…

Elizabeth Stone

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In 2007, I started my very first website about relationships on a whim.

After several rebrands and evolutions, I finally caught a groove with my writing AND relationships and realized what I truly and deeply wanted for my own life.

Pretty soon, as thousands of people deeply connected with my work, they started emailing me one after another, trying to convince me to coach them through what was happening in their own situations.

By this point, I had already been my friend’s and family’s unofficial love and dating coach for years, plus I had gotten my bachelor’s degree in psychology with the intention of understanding and helping people with the world’s most fascinating frontier– the human mind.

Also, I deeply wanted to use what I had learned in my personal life. I had been trying to understand what happened with men and in my own relationships for years. I was always trying to feel more powerful and make my own relationships work even better.

In my personal life, I thought things were going great. After a ton of soul searching– I met and married a man who I thought would cherish me for a lifetime.

Maybe you can relate to this...

One day, your relationship seems really great and effortless. Things are going so well.

Then.. suddenly things feel different between you.

Maybe he doesn’t respond to you like he used to.

Maybe he starts leaving your messages on read or taking forever to text you back.

Maybe he cancels your long-standing Saturday plans to go see his buddies.

One of these things by itself wouldn’t bother you, it’s just that things aren’t like they used to be.

You try to reconnect with him or talk about it– hoping for reassurance that he still cares about you.

He doesn’t respond the way you hoped.

You give yourself a pep talk and decide to give it a little time. Maybe it will all be okay if you can just spend more time together.

But when you do see him, it feels different.

As you start to worry, things feel like they’re getting worse.

When you ask him about what’s going on, he doesn’t seem to want to spend as much time with you. He either acts like nothing is happening, even though you can FEEL a change– or he gets harder and harder to connect with.

Maybe he tells you everything is okay.

Maybe he tells you to quit worrying.

Maybe he does something sweet for you but goes back to being a little cold and hard to talk to.

Then, you manage a few great days together or he starts initiating contact like he used to. You want to relax, but you’re afraid.

No matter what you do, everything between you starts to feel terrible.

You can’t decide whether you should give up on him or “let it ride.” Everything you try seems to backfire.

And, asking HIM directly about what’s going on only seems to push him further away. Maybe he looks at you like you’ve grown another head, but nothing changes.

Maybe you try talking to a friend but they just make you feel worse by suggesting you should talk to him about it… or even that you should just give up on him and find someone else.

Like the whole relationship means nothing.

I know exactly how bad this feels…

At 33 I became a depressed, divorced, suicidal martyr instead of the happy, adored, abundant married woman I had expected to be.

At first, the worst part about it was… I was so ashamed to have failed.

After all, by then I had already helped hundreds of women save their relationships with my first program Ex Attraction Formula and I had private coached many into blissfully connected, delicious partnerships.

I thought I had a happy marriage.


As they say, pride goes before a fall. It turns out I had been missing something huge when it came to manifesting the kind of close, connected, loving relationship I really wanted.

I’ll spare you the gory details— but to make a long story short, one day after a 6 week business trip where my husband had pulled so far away I actually tried sending him postal letters— he came home, ate the breakfast I had lovingly prepared for him and spoke the words I will never forget.

“I love you… but I’m not in love with you.”

I was shocked he had actually decided to end our marriage without so much as a single deeper conversation or a therapy visit.

I pleaded with him to at least see someone and try to talk it out so we could salvage our marriage.

His mind was made up and he moved out that night.

Afterward, I floated, devastated for weeks. After all, I was a coach who knew exactly how to get men back.

I knew exactly WHAT to do if I wanted to reconcile with him but my self confidence was at an all-time low. I was as clinically depressed as I have ever been.

Luckily, help was just around the corner.

I found a salty (but kind), 92 year old counselor named Homer who was completely different from anyone I had ever learned from or even heard about. He had been saving marriages for over 60 years at that point and was semi-retired, living in Houston with his devoted wife of over 50 years, Ruby.

Homer pointed out EXACTLY which mindsets– which I now call love blocks– were preventing me from manifesting the love I had always dreamed of– with my husband or anyone else.

This experience led me to several other transformational coaches, teachers and experiences that threw my own experiences of love and connection into overdrive, sped up my manifestations and turned things around completely.

...And then... I fell in love again.

By this point, I was the happiest I had ever been. I went out and started online dating again, using the exact same efficient process I teach my clients.

I had an amazing time in the short term and in a shockingly short period of time, I met someone who I clicked with like never before.

Pretty soon he was sending me gorgeous flowers, surprising me with little gifts and planning romantic trips for us.

The experience has reminded me that no matter where you’re at right now, there’s always hope.

Even if things right now feel awful, crappy, doomed and hopeless.

I became even more determined to share what I had learned.

In the end I was fortunate to have had any opportunity to speak with Homer because he passed away only 3 months after our sessions ended.

I wrote Ruby a heartfelt letter, hoping that he left behind any unpublished content because I simply wanted to experience more of his wisdom. She lovingly replied he hadn’t, and shared that sometimes she listened to his old recordings simply to hear his voice.

This heartfelt exchange made me even more determined to share what I learned and help even more people obtain the same level of love, peace, happiness and satisfaction that my mentors have generously shared with me.

Throughout this process it has been clear that not only do the tools and strategies I teach apply to attracting love– they have the larger potential to change your life on a grander scale.

It’s my vision to help you experience the life of your wildest dreams.

Over the past several years I have refined the exact process I take people through to get them past the blocks that keep them stuck, confused, hurt, frustrated and ignored.

I’m no different from you.

I didn’t have any special advantages when I first started. Everyone starts at zero when it comes to the kinds of skills I teach. It’s not like anyone learns about designing their dream life in elementary school.

But I made it a point to create the kind of relationship and life that gave me the freedom and deep happiness I truly desired. And I’ve helped a lot of people around the world achieve this same goal.

So, if you want to attract the connected, delicious, sweet love and life of your dreams, then sign up for my free masterclass, The 7 Blocks To Manifesting Love.

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