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The strategy session is like an emergency relationship triage. Elizabeth helps you stop the bleeding and gives you a roadmap for what to do right now.

The 90 minute strategy session will give you a quick-start, in-depth plan for what to do about your situation and where you are with your ex right now. Most people find that extremely helpful right as they realize they need help solving the problem in their relationship.

The whole process of getting back together involves LOTS of ups and downs.

Most of the time, you’ll have ongoing questions about what you’re going through and how to solve problems in your relationship once and for all.

If you want ongoing strategy, support and guidance throughout this time, then the 6 session package is the absolute best value and choice for you at this stage.

In fact, many people who sign up for a strategy session come back for the 6 session coaching package. This because ongoing coaching helps with all the bumps in the road that happen while reversing a breakup and making your relationship even better than before.

As you know already, breakups aren’t simple and straightforward. You’ll benefit from the 6 session plan if you’re aching to get to the bottom of exactly why this happened and keep it from ever happening again.

1:1 coaching sessions take place over Zoom video call or the phone.

After your session is over, you’ll find your session recording on your private coaching page inside the Luxe Self member’s portal within 48-72 hours after your session.

Elizabeth is open to coaching women and men who are interested in creating their dream relationships.

The clients who benefit most from Elizabeth’s work are generally self-starters who are willing to follow her influence and guidance.

No. Elizabeth doesn’t offer email coaching. You will have the opportunity to get help for your specific situation during your Zoom call.

Usually not– general coaching sessions take place over Zoom video.

However, occasionally, Elizabeth will meet with VIP clients in this manner, so if you wish to have your 1:1 sessions in person, fill out the form below to discuss your desires.

Please reach out to support or fill out the form below if you have questions about 1:1 coaching and someone will get back to you.

Due to time constraints, Elizabeth does not offer free strategy sessions or introductory calls.

It’s suggested that you keep a journal and record your progress. This can be physical or digital.

You will need internet access and a device to participate in the Zoom call.

Otherwise, Elizabeth will provide further guidance if more is required.

After you place your order on the secure coaching order form, you’ll get an email from Elizabeth with instructions for booking your  coaching sessions.

At the current time, packages take scheduling priority. You can expect your first session within 2-3 weeks after ordering, but usually sooner.

Please allow for 48 hours after you respond to Elizabeth’s email for scheduling.

The Manifest True Love experience allows you to learn at your own pace and also gain the benefit of other women’s situations and input. The program comes with the Manifest True Love Mastermind group and group coaching calls.

If you’re not satisfied with the men in your life or getting the love you want and deserve, Manifest True Love was made for you.

You may be coupled up or single– in either situation, you can expect big changes to your life as a whole.

Manifest True Love represents the most succinct explanation of what you would experience in an ongoing coaching relationship with Elizabeth, so it’s extremely valuable.

If you want more time to speak with Elizabeth about your personal situation, you will benefit from 1:1 work.

We want you to be completely satisfied and experience the joy of real transformation.

If you’re not satisfied during a session, please speak up. Coaching involves synergy, so if you feel misunderstood, please say something. Elizabeth works fast and intuitively, so you’ll benefit from asking questions or getting clarification.

Since 1:1 coaching involves a non-renewable resource– time– all 1:1 coaching packages are non refundable, whether you have unused time left in your package or not.

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