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Manifest true love

If you’re not satisfied with the men in your life or getting the love you want and deserve, I made this for you.

You may be coupled up or single– in either situation, you can expect big changes.

The program is delivered inside the new private member’s area in 6 weekly modules with 2-3 exercises a week.

Each new module becomes available at the end of each week. You’ll also get emails along the way with gentle nudges to complete the program material and urge you to continue along the journey.

When you register as a founding member this round, you gain access to all of the program materials for the lifetime of the program.

The 6 live group coaching calls take place over Zoom video. Details about how to access these will be given after you register.

If you have a burning question about your situation or the program, you are encouraged to come on the call and ask live to get specific coaching and support for your situation.

All calls are recorded so if you can’t attend, you can watch the recording at your convenience.

If you have a pressing question but can’t be on a call live, you can make a post about your question inside the mastermind group and Elizabeth will answer it on the Q&A call.

No. I don’t offer email coaching. You will have the opportunity to get help for your specific situation through the Q&A group coaching calls and the private mastermind group.

I suggest that you keep a journal and record your progress. This can be physical or digital.

You will need internet access, a device to view the content and a Facebook account to join the private Manifest True Love mastermind group.

Manifest True Love is eco-friendly and does not include a physical component. All exercises, content and videos are hosted inside the private member’s area.

You are welcome to revisit the program and lessons at any time. All updates and content are included.

You are a member of the private mastermind for the life of the program.

In fact, many of my clients report that they repeat the exercises I teach them when they hit a rough spot on their journey, so you are welcomed to return for another “round” when you desire an energetic boost or level up.

The Manifest True Love private mastermind is set up as a closed Facebook group. Since the group is closed, your posts won’t show up to anyone who isn’t registered for the program.

This way your Facebook contacts won’t be notified in any way when you join or post inside the group.

You are never forced to share your journey with others, but you are very welcome to contribute if you’re inspired to share.

I’m a card carrying member of the introvert society myself.

You may take comfort in connecting with other women who are going through similar challenges as your own. 

However, if you want my coaching and help with your specific situation, I’ll need to know what you’re going through. You can tell me this in a Facebook post inside the group, an email or during the live coaching calls.

I want you to be completely satisfied and experience the joy of real transformation.

You have my full 7 day money back guarantee to be on the first coaching call, complete the first week’s exercises and decide for yourself.

If you work through module one and decide this isn’t for you, simply email support and we’ll send your refund.

As far as whether the journey itself works, yes. Oh yes.

I am not a counselor or therapist.

If you’re experiencing mental illness of any kind, please take charge of your own well being and seek therapy and medical treatment appropriate for your specific situation.

However, if you are rebuilding your relationship life, then you may find the coaching program helpful— particularly the module on letting go where I explain how to release the energetic ties that are keeping you stuck in the past.

My materials are always intended to uplift and empower my clients in the present and future, but medical treatment or therapy is outside the scope of coaching.

So many of us (me included) have found ourselves completely exasperated by men from time to time.

Maybe you happen to want to strangle the nearest man but also want him to cherish and adore you.

Is it that you truly don’t like men or that you’re bitter, closed down and terrified of them?

If that’s the case for you, I completely relate.

There was a time when I felt that way too. Getting in touch with my divine masculine and divine feminine and blending them has taught me how strongly the masculine wants to give.

The divine masculine wants to cherish you.

Learning about them lets you drop the bitterness and move into understanding. That journey creates the opening that allows you to invite true love and understanding into your life once and for all.

I agree, there are ton of ways to learn about being totally irresistible in relationships that are more inexpensive.

My private clients spend months and thousands of dollars learning what I share. An hour of private coaching with me costs $350 and is only offered in packages of 10 sessions or more.

That’s why this is an incredible value.
I wanted to put this information into a format where I could easily reach more people and that includes community support.

You could easily spend 20 years, countless heartbreaks and thousands of dollars to finally find the right professionals who MIGHT explain all of this to you in one place, or you can get it directly from me right here, right now.

If you’re divorced— you already know how much THAT costs. For a fraction of that, make men your willing playthings and stop concerning yourself with a man’s rejection.

The mindsets I teach explain and ease your anxiety about both the masculine and feminine energy systems.

You are welcome to purchase this program and support my mission to bring more love into the world, but to reach a feminine energy partner, it’s unlikely you will find this as valuable as specific coaching for men.

If you’re a man and want my help with your situation, please reach out to [email protected] and I’ll see if I have any private coaching spots available.

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