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I’m Elizabeth Stone.

For years I have specialized in moving people from feeling disappointed, unhappy, disillusioned and sad to blissfully in love, adoringly cherished and completely seen, heard and intoxicatingly understood.

And… let’s face it.

You’re WAY past ready to get the love you have always wanted and truly deserve.

You want to wake up every day next to someone who adores you and makes you feel certain about your absolute irresistibility.

So let’s get started.


Things people say about Elizabeth Stone’s coaching and programs….


San Diego, CA

I wanted to let you know I have found The One and I am forever grateful for all your help. It has been a journey for sure. So, once again, I want to say thank you. I’ve grown so much in my work with you.


New York, NY

I just believe that I’m soooooo lucky for finding you. Your program came to me at the perfect time.


Osage Beach, MO

Without you, we wouldn’t even be together. He (client’s partner) better thank his lucky stars that we have you.


Denver, CO

Thank you so much for speaking with me today in regards to all that is going on with my life. You made me think about how I come off to him and you are right. He called twice when we were at the end of our call and when I called him back I did exactly what you advised. He seems genuinely taken aback.

You gave me a lot of insight. Thank you again so much!


Osage Beach, MO

While every relationship is different, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of just about any given situation. It really is amazing. You are good at it.


Las Vegas, NV

I just want to remind you that ONE thing you said in the 15 minutes we talked transformed my whole marriage.


Toledo, OH

My ex and I have been back together since September 9th and it’s been amazing so far. She is so worried about losing me and admitted to making a huge mistake. She missed me and realized how great we are together. Thank you so much for responding to me every time I started to doubt things. We are very happy to be back together.


Denver, CO

You’re fucking brilliant.


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