The Magic Mindset That Manifests

“I knew this would happen”

Ever realized that you “just knew” something would happen that you didn’t like?

I know I have.

If you truly “knew” this bad thing would happen, this is the magic mindset that manifests at work.

What about the other side?

Ever “just known” something good was going to happen?

Sometimes people are afraid to admit they “just know” good things are going to happen. I think it’s because of superstition, or at least it used to be for me.

Just the same, maybe you have felt this too.

You know, that unshakable certainty that something was going to go “right”?

One of the most powerful things I have ever learned about manifesting is something I call the magic mindset.

The magic mindset doesn’t care what you want when it creates your reality, it just follows whatever you are most certain about.

Knowing and certainty is a way you can shortcut a lot of pain and suffering.

You can use this mindset to manifest everything from money to blue butterflies.

When I talk with people, this is like a canary in a coal mine. If they are going to succeed, this is what is happening. If they are going to fail, this is also what is happening.

So what does the magic mindset feel like so you can use it?

The mindset feels like the boring “knowing” that the Amazon package you ordered is going to show up.

It is subtle and doesn’t feel like some big rush.

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