How Men Act When You’re At Your Most Irresistible

Here’s an example of what you can expect from men once you break through the love blocks I discuss in my masterclass.

A few years ago, my man decided to take me to Chicago for our first romantic long weekend trip together. 

A few days before we planned to make the trip, the hotel unexpectedly canceled his reservation. 

He scrambled to find something else but there was some big convention in town that drove prices through the roof. It just wasn’t the experience he wanted. 

His communication was spotty for those few days. I could feel that something was going on with him but I waited for him to reach out and explain. 

He called the night before we were supposed to leave and sounded so upset that I was worried something terrible had happened. 

“Chicago isn’t going to work. They canceled the hotel. I was so afraid I would disappoint you that I looked for solutions until just now,” he said. 

“That’s okay handsome. Are you interested in my idea?” 

“Sure” he said. 

“What do you think about going to New Orleans instead?” I asked, knowing we had both never been there. 

“Oh! That sounds good! I’ll call you back.” 

The phone went dead. 

I just laughed and went back to exactly what I had been doing before he called– lounging blissfully on my couch. 

Just under 45 minutes later, he called back– excited to share completely new plans. 

He booked a swanky hotel in the French Quarter. 

He had figured out transportation there and back. 

He had even found some dinner places that might be keto. Even though he didn’t eat that way himself, he knew I had eaten keto for several years by that point.

The next day he arrived bright and early to pick me up, armed with his new plans and excited to spend the weekend with me. 

We had a wonderful time.

Now, I don’t share this story to brag, even though I could understand if it comes across that way. That’s not my intention. 

I shared this story to illustrate 2 things. 

First, this kind of behavior from men is not unusual or rare. 

This is exactly what masculine energy does when it’s genuinely trusted by the feminine. 

Masculine energy is the “doing” energy. 

It wants to provide. 

It takes care of everything. 

The masculine takes genuine pleasure and satisfaction in cherishing and generously lavishing the resources of time and attention upon it’s feminine counterpart. 

Second, because my person was totally trusted in his own divine masculine, I had the absolutely luxurious satisfaction of not concerning myself with anything besides packing my clothes and making myself feel fantastic. 

I didn’t have to plan anything. 

I didn’t need to strive or scramble or involve myself besides gently suggesting a new idea that was just as exciting as the original plan. 

And, his biggest concern with every step he took was making me happy. All he wanted from me my genuinely open presence and receptivity to his attention. 

As I trusted and respected him absolutely to handle everything– he came through and brought me his best.

Even better, he was THRILLED to do all of this for us. The whole weekend he acted like he had won the lottery just being in my presence.

You see, because I went all the way with trusting and appreciating the masculine, doors opened wide.

This kind of fairy-tale cherishing, caring and giving became standard operating procedure for all of the men in my life and… EVEN BETTER.. 

…in the lives of my euphoric and adored clients. 

…since this kind of romantic, loving treatment is so normal in my world, if you aren’t experiencing these feelings regularly with the men in your life– you’re totally missing out. 

And… the good news is… you don’t have to miss out anymore. 

Isn’t it time to get what you really deserve from men?

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