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The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program

With Jared Grey & Elizabeth Stone

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The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program

The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program is a new, exclusive group coaching program that you access within minutes inside our VIP Member’s Area.

You’ll be on the fast track to manifesting the life you truly want and deserve.

Here's what you'll discover inside this completely new 6 week experience:

Week 1: Getting What You Want

    • We’ll start off strong by sharing how you’re getting what you’re getting right now and how to get started making changes, no matter where you’re starting now.
    • Discover what your true desires really are and get clear on what you really want (Hint: it might not be what you think).
    • You’ll take inventory of the creations you’ve brought in so far and put together a roadmap for where you’re going.
    • Find out why “small” things may have been easier for you to manifest so far and get to the root of the big picture desires you might not even want to admit to wanting.
    • And much, much more…

Week 2: Manifestation Tools And Why They Work

    • Discover the deep-rooted reason why ALL manifestation techniques, strategies and methods actually work (I mean it, all of them) so you can create the real, concrete results you want faster, SO much easier and with less resistance.
    • Stop using cookie-cutter “methods” that feel slow and uninspiring. You’ll find out how to unlock your uniquely personal most effective manifestation style. (Note: This lesson alone is worth the price of the entire program)
    • Have you been struggling with when to keep trying to manifest something and when to let go? We’ll cover exactly how to let go and also allow your manifestation at the same time so you can relax and quit worrying about whether what you want will show up or not.
    • If you hate visualizing and aren’t sure what anyone means by “feeling” your new reality (Is it emotion? Is it happiness? Is it pretending you are super upbeat when you actually feel like crap?) you’ll discover that also.
  • And much, much more…

Week 3: How to Tame the Forces Holding You Back

    • Immediately get out of any rut you fall into with this completely new approach to who you actually are. (After you learn this, your life will never be the same)
    • Stop your manifestations from coming up short– causing you to feel even worse than when you first heard about the law of attraction.
    • Find out how to re-energize yourself and find happiness now instead of waiting until you get what you want.
    • Rewire yourself to manifest on autopilot instead of striving, begging, wishing and hoping for what you want. 
    • And much, much more…

Week 4: How You’re Getting The Results You’re Getting (And What To Do Now)

    • Discover why you may have failed in the past and what could be sabotaging your most exciting manifestations now.
    • Learn why some manifestations seem SO much easier than others and free yourself from the pain of missing out on the better future you know is waiting for you but so far has seemed so hard to reach.
    • Find out the causes behind common manifestation failures and how you can solve them once and for all.
    • You’ll find out the sneaky ways you prevent yourself from consistently bringing in what you want and nip that in the bud.
    • Uncover the roots of resistance so you can get off the emotional rollercoaster. Stop getting whiplash from the endless manifestation boom and bust cycle.
    • And much, much more…

Week 5: Welcoming What You Want Into Your Life and Accepting That It Truly Wants You Back

    • Streamline your results when it comes to changing your reality. If your results with the law of attraction have been spotty and inexact so far, you won’t want to miss this.
    • Why creating complicated plans, procedures, techniques and methods to reach your goals is actually sabotaging you and why other manifestation teachers hide behind secret techniques that don’t always work.
    • How to get in touch with true, deep, satisfying inspiration and let it lead you directly toward what you want.
    • Exactly how to release resistance to your desires. Undoing the tricky traps that never fail to cause setbacks.
    • And much, much more…

Week 6: How to Manifest Consistently, Predictably and Easily Instead of Feeling Crazy One Minute and Blessed the Next

  • Discover how your emotions relate to manifestation and what to do about it so you don’t keep going back and forth between miserable and blissful.
  • Why the things you don’t want in your life are strong, powerful signs you should never ignore.
  • Why faking happy vibes and/or constantly trying to banish negativity from your life is completely ineffective and even damaging your chances at getting the life you truly deserve.
  • Learn the surefire secret to completely disappearing negative situations, people and circumstances from your life once and for all.
  • And much, much more…

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The Complete Manifestation & Reality Creation Program


(or 3 payments of $197)

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

14 Day Money-back Guarantee

Try out The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program for the next 14 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply email our friendly support team and we will issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No hassles, no hard feelings. 

The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program is backed by our unconditional 14-day guarantee.

Here's what you're getting:

The Complete Manifestation & Reality Creation Program

The Complete Manifestation & Reality Creation Training Program

Lifetime access to the full 6 week, in-depth manifestation training program focused on manifesting anything you desire quickly and easily. The video lessons, workbooks, exercises, guided meditations and call recordings are released weekly and are easily accessible inside the exclusive Luxe Self member’s area. ($1,997 Value)

6 LIVE 60-90 Minute Q&A Group Coaching Calls With Elizabeth & Jared

Want to transform a tricky situation you can't figure out? Ask questions, get coaching, upgrade your mindset and get support during the 6 LIVE weekly 60-90 minute group coaching calls over Zoom video. ($1,800 Value)

Access to All 6 Guided Meditations & Subliminal Activations

Experience subliminal hypnotic meditations custom designed to help you unleash the power of your subconscious mind and unlock your unlimited potential on autopilot. ($582 Value)

Founding Member Access To All Future Program Updates

Experience never before taught, cutting-edge, obscenely powerful mental technologies created specifically to get you unstuck and allow you to create anything you desire. As a founding member of The Manifestation & Reality Creation program, you'll gain access to all future program updates and content upgrades. ($2,997 Value)

Plus, you get these incredible bonuses:

Membership in the Manifestation & Reality Creation Pop-Up Mastermind Group

You will be invited to join the private Manifestation & Reality Creation 6 week pop-up group where you can share your situation, get your questions answered, gain support, and participate in a community of like-minded people working toward the same goals. ($797 Value)

Audio Recordings and Transcripts of All Program Materials

Get your mental upgrade easily with downloadable audio files and transcripts of program materials. ($197 Value)

Total value: $8,370

But that’s NOT even close to what you will pay today.

When you join now, you get everything for the founding member’s price of only $497.

The Complete Manifestation & Reality Creation Program


(or 3 payments of $197)

Secure Checkout

Cutting Edge SSL Encryption

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

14 Day Money-back Guarantee

Try out The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program for the next 14 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply email our friendly support team and we will issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No hassles, no hard feelings. 

The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program is backed by our unconditional 14-day guarantee.

Elizabeth Stone

I'm Elizabeth stone.

Several years ago now, I realized that I was missing something big when it came to reaching my biggest goals.

Why did some things seem to magically appear effortlessly…

While I struggled mightily for other things?

No matter how much “effort” I put in? In fact, the more I struggled, the harder things got.

This led me on a whole journey to figure out what I was missing.

And… I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s most perfect manifestor. At all…

I still have lots to learn.

But I’d be lying if I pretended I haven’t manifested some really cool things.

Circumstances. Houses. Cars. People.

One of those people has made a significant difference in the way I think about manifesting. Because he’s excellent at helping people untangle tricky things.

For years, people have simply found him and tried to talk him into sharing his wealth of knowledge. He writes a simple Reddit comment and people personal message him for months afterward.

And…  I talked him into sharing his personal brand of manifesting magic with you for the very first time inside this program.

But first, a warning.

He’s intensely private and highly likely to share things you may not have heard before.

To come into this space, you’re going to need an open mind and a willingness to consider new possibilities.

For yourself.

For your life.

For how to get that shiny, pretty new thing you want in your bed… or driveway.

Curious? Me too.

That is why you should join us.

Have Questions? I've got answers...

If you’re not satisfied with the progress you’re making in your life and sense there is just MORE out there for you, we created this for you.

The Manifestation & Reality Creation program focuses on creating YOUR dream life, so if you want that, you’re in the right place.

The program is delivered inside the new private member’s area in 6 weekly modules with 2-3 exercises a week.

Each new module becomes available on Saturday in the very early morning. You’ll also get emails along the way with gentle nudges to complete the program material and urge you to continue along the journey.

I suggest that you keep a journal and record your progress. This can be physical or digital.

You will need internet access, a device to view the content and a Facebook account to join the private mastermind group.

The Manifestation & Reality Creation Program is eco-friendly and does not include a physical component. All exercises, content and videos are hosted inside the private member’s area.

When you join now, you gain founding member access to all of the program materials for the lifetime of the program. The group coaching Q&A calls will take place weekly for a 6 week duration. All updates and future content upgrades are included.

The Q&A group coaching calls take place weekly over Zoom video. Details about how to access these will be given after you register.

If you have a burning question about your situation or the program, you are encouraged to come on the call and ask live to get specific coaching and support for your situation.

All group coaching calls are recorded so if you can’t attend, you can watch the recording at your convenience.

If you have a pressing question but can’t be on a call live, you can make a post about your question inside the mastermind group and Elizabeth and Jared will answer it on the next Q&A call.

No. We don’t offer email coaching. You will have the opportunity to get help for your specific situation through the Q&A group coaching calls and the private mastermind group.

I want you to be completely satisfied and experience the joy of real transformation.

You have my full 14 day money back guarantee to be on the first coaching call, complete the first week’s exercises and decide for yourself.

If you work through module one and decide this isn’t for you, simply email support and we’ll send your refund.

Praise for Elizabeth Stone's work:

“I wanted to let you know I have found The One and I am forever grateful for all your help. It has been a journey for sure. So, once again, I want to say thank you. I’ve grown so much in my work with you.”

Jennifer, San Diego, CA

“It’s been really helpful for me and a really good investment in myself and in my relationships. So anyhow, if you guys have doubts or don’t know if it’s a good investment of your money or your time, I endorse it.”

Colleen, San Diego, CA

Used your advice– now I have a date! You’re really good at this. Like, it’s scary how good you are at this.

Addison, Austin, TX

“Thank you so much for your help. I found a guy I’ve always wanted. Everything is so amazing and I’m very happy in my relationship.”


“My love life has changed and I’m being loved for who I am, treated like a princess.”


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You will gain immediate access to module 1, including instructions about how to access our online mastermind community, the weekly group coaching calls and your bonuses.

This allows you to dive right in and get started manifesting your dream life.

You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the most current version of the program materials to keep you on the cutting edge.

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The Complete Manifestation & Reality Creation Program


(or 3 payments of $197)

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